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Many cosmetic brands fail to recognise the importance of not only producing quality, natural products for your skin but also using zero-waste packaging that has little environmental impact. Euromonitor reported that in 2008, the cosmetics industry created 120.8 billion units of packaging. The majority of this would have been single- use, and eventually tossed into landfills. Here are five natural and zero waste makeup brands making a difference to the cosmetic industry, through crafting their products with core philosophies of environmentally-friendly packaging.

V= Vegan / CF= Cruelty Free / O= Organic

*all the brands featured in this post are natural

Elate Beauty | V, CF

Elate Beauty - Natural & Zero Waste Make up
Image sourced from Elate Beauty

About the Brand: Elate Beauty offer an extensive range of toxin-free makeup products, all made in Canada with both your skin and the planet in mind. They strive to empower every person in the supply chain of their products. Because of this, the ingredients used are 90% organic, as they choose fairtrade over organic when both are not available.

How They Package Zero-Waste: Elate Beauty use Bamboo and other sustainable materials for the packaging of their products. Take their brushes, for example, the handles are bamboo, whilst the ferrule is stainless steel. Also, Elate Beauty will never purchase shipping packaging such as bubble wrap, but will instead reuse it from other packages.

Shop Elate Beauty’s range here

Kjaer Weis | CF, O

Kjaer Weis - Natural & Zero Waste Make up
Image sourced from Beauty Professor

About The Brand: Kjaer Weis is a high-end makeup brand that creates a wide variety of products in New York City. It was founded by Kirsten Kjaer Weis, a Danish makeup artist who began to realise the effects that mainstream brands had on her clients’ skin. She searched for a natural alternative that could perform as just as well, and with that, Kjaer Weis was born.

How They Package Zero-Waste: Kjaer Weis teamed up with designer Marc Atlan to design a metal packaging to house the product that allows them to be refilled, to prevent landfill waste.

Shop Kjaer Weis’ range here

Zao Organic | V, CF, O

Zao Organic - Natural & Zero Waste Make up
Image sourced from Zao Organic

About The Brand: Zao Organic is another sustainable makeup brand making a difference. When creating Zao, David Riccole had a vision of producing eco-friendly products that caused minimal carbon footprint. Their products are never tested on animals, and safe and organic ingredients such as Pomegranate Seed Oil are used to ensure the products are gentle on both the skin and Earth.

How They Package Zero-Waste: Zao Organics products are packaged in Bamboo, a sustainable material that grows fast and absorbs greenhouse gases. The majority of their products’ bamboo packaging is refillable, which prevents it from becoming another single-use piece of packaging ending up in a landfill.

Shop Zao Organics’ range here

Fat and The Moon | V, CF

Fat And The Moon - Natural & Zero Waste Make up
Image sourced from Fat And The Moon

About The Brand: Rachel Budde founded Fat and The Moon, a makeup, and body care brand, after being inspired by her family of herbalists. Their products are simple yet nourishing, using traditional healing recipes and natural ingredients which are home grown on their farm. Quality and sustainability haven’t been compromised in the making of their products, unlike many mainstream makeup brands.

How They Package Zero-Waste: Fat and The Moon’s products are packaged in reusable containers and bottles; the majority of these are made of glass or metal. 

Shop Fat And The Moon’s range here

Pure Anada | V, CF, O

Pure Anada - Natural & Zero Waste Make up
Image sourced from Pure Anada

About The Brand: Pure Anada is a Canadian-based brand that offers a huge variety of premium natural makeup and body care products for both women and men, with the majority of them being vegan. From deodorants and shaving cream to foundation and nail polish they have you sorted. They put a lot of time into researching their supply chain to ensure their ingredients are fairly traded.

How They Package Zero-Waste: Pure Anada have designed magnetic compact cases to house refills so that you aren’t throwing out more packaging with every purchase but instead, reusing it. This is especially popular for their compact eyeshadows. 

Shop Pure Anada’s range here

Next time you run out of foundation or are simply just looking for a new makeup brand to try, take into consideration brands like these who are making a difference in the cosmetics industry. Opt for brands who are packaging their products more responsibly, and vote with your dollar. 

*Featured Image sourced from Elate Cosmetics Facebook


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