5 Tips For Buying Groceries Plastic Free Without Access To Bulk Stores

Many people are interested in embracing a plastic free lifestyle, but do not have access to bulk stores. But here’s the thing: although bulk stores help, you don’t need them to go zero waste or simply reduce your plastic consumption. Here are 5 tips for buying groceries zero waste without access to bulk stores!

Take Reusable Produce & Shopping Bags

Taking your own bags is something you should start with if you are considering a more conscious lifestyle. A person uses a plastic bag for 12 minutes, on average. These bags then never biodegrade; only break down into smaller and smaller particles which pollute the oceans, marine life, and environment as a whole. 

There are many choices available, which you can check out here

Can It Be Made From Scratch?

Chances are, the processed food item that you are about to buy can be made from scratch. Examples would be pasta sauce, museli, cakes and biscuits, and soup. By setting a bit of time aside to make your own food, you can save going to the store and use less plastic. I can guarantee it will taste better too!

Buy It In Bulk

Even if you don’t live or have access to bulk stores, you can buy bulk options at your supermarket. Instead of buying 1.5 kilograms of flour, why not buy 3.5 kilograms? You can reduce packaging (it does come in paper) and save money in the long run. For 1.5 kilograms of flour at my local supermarket, it is $2, whereas 3.5 kilograms is $2.95.  

Buy Produce Loose And Not Prepackaged

Instead of buying fruits and vegetables prepackaged, buy them loose and put them in your produce bags. They already have their own skin and do not need to be smothered in plastic wrap and polystyrene. 

Buy It In Glass, Aluminium, Or Cardboard

Glass and Aluminium are more eco friendly packaging options as they can be recycled an infinate amount of times. Cardboard can also be recycled or composted in your garden. 

Yes, plastic can be recycled. But hardly ever does it, and instead sits in landfill breaking up into smaller and smaller particles. 

I hope you can take some of these tips for a zero waste shop and apply them to your life! There aren’t always plastic free options available without bulk bins. I totally get it. But isn’t it better to do what you can, whereever you are, instead of doing nothing? Be sure to comment your own tips below and let us know what has helped you to buy groceries zero waste. 



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