Creating An Ethical Wardrobe On A Budget

From fast fashion to slow fashion. Ethical Fashion brands tend to be more expensive than fast fashion brands. This is because, with ethical fashion, workers are paid fairly, the garments are better quality and environmental impact has been considered. So how can you create an ethical wardrobe on a budget? There are many ways to find more affordable ethical clothing, here are our top 3. 

Thrift Stores

Creating An Ethical Wardrobe On A Budget - Thrift Store
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There is a bit of a stigma surrounding thrift stores, but why? “It’s old, been worn and used, why don’t you buy new?” So many people seem to think this, however, if you stepped inside a good thrift store, I can guarantee your mindset will be changed. Even Macklemore knows how great thrift stores are. Although the clothing you find at a thrift store is not likely to be ethically made, by giving it a second life you are keeping it out of a landfill. Additionally, clothing at thrift stores are always worn and laundered, so you’ll get the same fit after washing them yourself. 

Buying Basics

Creating An Ethical Wardrobe On A Budget - Buying Basics
Basics. Basics. Basics. By buying basics such as a white t-shirt, a black dress, white sneakers and jeans, these will act as the staples in your wardrobe and you’ll never have that “I-have-nothing-to-wear-I-hate-everything” moment again. This is a key part of having a capsule wardrobe. PACT is a basics brands which use GOTs certified organic cotton. 

You can read about organic vs conventional cotton here

Keeping An Eye Out For Sales

Creating An Ethical Wardrobe On A Budget - Keeping An Eye Out For Sales

Most ethical fashion companies have sales often. They know their clothing is more expensive than fast fashion and therefore want to make it more accessible to people who don’t want to break the bank. I recommend signing up for their email newsletter and following your favourite ethical fashion brands on social media to be in the know when they have sales. 



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Hey there! I'm Brodie, the passionate blogger behind Ethically Engaged. My mission is to find ethical lifestyle options to lead you in the direction of conscious consumerism. I hope you enjoy coming along this journey with me x

    1. Yes! It’s can be overwhelming at first in a world full of advertising to really purchase with purpose, however, I recommend watching The True Cost doco – which is all about the fashion industry, particularly the garment workers behind out clothing and what their lives are like. You can also check out this post on my fav Ethical Fashion podcasts, which I listen to on the go. Hope that helps x

    1. Hey Anne, Thank you so much! When most bloggers who have non-ethical values do a post like this, it encourages a throwaway society. So by following these steps you aren’t contributing to a throwaway society and you can have a stylish and timeless wardrobe. xx

  1. This is awesome! I’m surprised that there isn’t a larger presence of brands among large multi-merchants supporting ethical designer/brands. That sneaker brand is cute and i’ll Be checking it out!

  2. I love this! I have a frugal lifestyle blog and want to come up with some ideas like this to share. I feel like clothing has become disposable, and we need to do something about it! The amount of trash generated is awful. Clothing used to be made to last. Now it’s made to be thrown away after the season is over! 🙁

    1. Just checked out your blog and I love it Mandy, keep up the amazing work! I couldn’t agree more, we have gotten into a throwaway society (and not just for fashion). Clothing should be timeless and not made to be trendy one week and ‘time to dispose of’ the next.

  3. Wonderful list! Happy to say that I do all these things! I make sure I follow the 30 rule, plus I always sell or donate my gently used clothing if they don’t fit anymore.

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