About 2 months ago I received a parcel in the mail from Be Genki, an Australian natural skincare brand that focuses on helping you be serene and radiant through the products you use on the daily. Each ingredient in their products is specially chosen for its unique properties and is 100% natural and organic.

The word Genki is a Japanese word to describe the holistic feeling of being happy, healthy and harmonious in body, mind and spirit. 

This name totally aligns with their entire brand model and philosophy. Originally, Be Genki started with two ‘Be’ ranges; Be Serene and Be Radiant. They then introduced three more ‘Be’ ranges over the course of a few years but have recently gone back to their roots which I love.


The products arrived packaged in a cardboard box with home compostable packing peanuts surrounding them. I love that Be Genki care about their environmental impact when it comes to packaging just as much as everything else. The products were housed in Miron Violet glass bottles. Basically, Miron Violet glass naturally filters the spectrum of visible sunlight, letting only UVA and infrared light through. Using this as packaging for skin care is so great because it protects the contents from perishing in sunlight, increasing their effectiveness as well as shelf life.

Be Serene – Roll On Essential Oil Blend

Be Genki: Roll On Essential Oil Blend from the Be Serene range

The Roll On Essential Oil Blend from the Be Serene range is absolutely divine. With calming ingredients such as Palmarosa oil, Rose Otto oil, and Rose Geranium oil, it is both uplifting and stress relieving. I use this on my wrist in the morning and when I feel like throughout the day.

Be Radiant – Corrective Beauty Toner

Be Genki: Corrective Beauty Toner from the Be Radiant range

This toner has quickly become my holy grail. I spray it on my face and neck every day and I immediately feel refreshed and hydrated. With high performing, yet gentle ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, mulberry extract, rose hydrosol, and aloe, my skin has never been so bright and clear. After using this toner for over a month now, I honestly cannot imagine using any other one!

Be Radiant – Beauty Oil no.1

Be Genki: Beauty Oil no.1 from the Be Radiant range

Be Genki: Beauty Oil no.1 from the Be Radiant range
If you know me personally, you’d probably know that I have quite sensitive skin. Certain products can cause my skin to break out, itch, and become extremely red. This is why products like Be Genki’s Beauty Oil no.1 are ones I am truly grateful for. I have tried multiple facial oils before, and this one has exceeded my expectations. Each day after using the Corrective Toner, I massage a few drops into my face and neck. I love that this is hydrating and moisturising while soaking nicely into my skin. It is also fragrance-free, which is great for those of us who have reactive skin.

I have been using the three of these products for well over a month now. My skin has never been so soft and clear – I couldn’t be happier. These products will be a part of my daily routine for years to come! If you would like to purchase some of Be Genki’s products for yourself, head on over to their website. Or keep up to date with them via Instagram and Facebook.


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  1. Thank you for the fabulous review Brodie xx I’m so happy to hear that your skin is feeling soft, bright and clear with Be Genki xox Big hugs and love xox Samantha

  2. Loved this post! Just purchased some of their Be Serene products for my sister for Christmas. I just know how much she’ll love them!

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