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After watching The True Cost for the first time, I started paying attention and researching only sustainable fashion companies. One of these brands was Bead & Reel. The main thing I LOVE about Bead & Reel is that they practice what they preach- valuing fair wages, paying interns, using recycled and recyclable shipping supplies and keeping their styles free from exploitation of people, animals, and our beautiful planet. 

Bead & Reel also have a Cause of the month which they proudly support. They give back a portion of every sale to an interesting yet innovative cause that is bettering the world. I love this concept and think that it is something that really sets them apart! This months cause is The Plastic Tide- go read more about them at Bead & Reel here

I was so lucky to get the opportunity to interview Bead & Reel for this segment, so here are the questions I asked:

What are your main aims of Bead & Reel?

The goal of Bead & Reel is to really make ethical shopping easy. People are busy, there is so much competing and conflicting information out there, and shifting your lifestyle can seem overwhelming, so we aim to provide beautiful, hand-picked products with clear labeling so our customers can make informed decisions (without the hassle!).Benita Robledo Bead & Reel

What inspires your collections the most?

When curating our collections, we really look to include the most inspiring brands. I love focusing on female-founded businesses, vegan-owned businesses, and products that meet as many of our 15 different shop-able ethics as possible. 

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

My father told me, “if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” And while following your passion can be challenging, it never feels like “work”.

What made you start Bead & Reel?

I’ve always loved fashion and ended up going into costume designer after graduating from fashion school. Costume design is story telling through clothing, and as I got older and started learning more about the origins of what I wore, I realized that “exploitation” wasn’t a story I wanted to tell about myself. I started trying to shop more consciously, but was having a really hard time finding fashion that was both ethically made and animal-free (and still attractive!), and kept wishing there was somewhere you could go to buy things that were already researched, and since there wasn’t, I decided to make it myself. I left my job in television and created Bead & Reel. 

What is behind the name ‘Bead & Reel‘?

It’s an architecture term! 

Where do you see Bead & Reel in the future?

My dream is to have Bead & Reel become one of the leading retailers in the US – not just sustainable retailers, but retailers. I hope to see sustainable fashion become so mainstream that it can compete with unsustainable fashion. 

Who inspires you most?

Benita Robledo Bead & ReelWhile there are many well-known leaders in feminism and advocacy who inspire me, it’s the people I actually know who inspire me most: Rebecca Ballard of Maven Women, vegan ballerina and influencer Agnes Muljadi, Benita Robledo of Compassion Fashion, and Sascha Camilli of Vilda Magazine, to name just a few!

Bead & Reel are extremely dedicated to bring you the BEST quality clothing, and lets be ‘reel’ (omg i just realised the pun), who doesn’t love it?! It is eco friendly, cruelty free and sweatshop free, so you know that you are buying something that has not had an impact on the environment, the animals or the people making it. There is something for everyone at Bead & Reel, so go shop their styles here 

Ethically Engaged x

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