As the weather gets warmer or colder around the globe and the seasons change over, the availability of different fruits and veggies change too. Buying seasonal fruits and vegetables is a great time to try out new recipes or experiment with your old ones. Here are our reasons why in season produce is so much better for you & the planet. 


In Season Produce tastes so much better! Because in season fruit and vegetables have been harvested at the right time, they have been naturally ripened in the sun instead of artificially ripened and therefore has much more flavour. Crops are often harvested early and refrigerated so they don’t rot during transportation, however, by chilling the fruit and veg, it reduces flavour. Additionally, after reaching their destination the produce may need to be artificially ripened in a hothouse before making its way onto the shelves. By doing this, it greatly impacts the final taste. 


In Season Produce is good to your wallet. When there is an abundance of fresh produce and it is at the peak of its supply, the prices go down. Storing for long periods of time, transportation and human assistance all factor into the cost of your food. Let me know in the comments below whether you buy in-season produce where possible!


Seasonal produce can grow without the need for too much added human assistance, such as pesticides, genetic modification, gassing, waxing and irradiation. This adds to the look of the fruit and veg (ie shiny apples) and makes it more appealing to you, the consumer. All of these compounds can harm people and the planet, so by buying in season, you are more likely to be avoiding these.

Furthermore, by choosing In Season Produce, you’re reducing the number of miles your food has to travel before reaching the supermarket and then your plate. This aids in reducing the number of pollutant gases from going into the air. 

Higher Nutrient Value

Produce that is purchased in season is more likely to be consumed closer to harvesting and therefore is higher in nutritional value. When stored for long periods of time, many antioxidants can be lost in your food. Big supermarket chains often buy out of season produce that has been gassed, irradiated (a burst of radiation to kill germs) and preserved in wax to extend the shelf life and make it look more pleasing. 


Overall, there are many benefits to buying seasonal fruits and vegetables that are often looked over when grocery shopping. Do you try to buy in season where possible? Let me know below


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