Gorgeous Handmade Earrings From Chic Made Consciously Repurposed From Inner Tire Tubes

Leaf Handmade Earrings - Chic Made Consciously

Chic Made Consciously is a handmade accessories brand based out of Toronto. They create timeless eco-fashion accessories and give us the opportunity to make conscious fashion choices through our purchases. Instead of mass producing items that aren’t meant to last more than a season, CMC create intricately designed accessories that are in it for the long run. Their products range from bracelets, chokers, belts to earrings, as well as other accessories, all of which are made in Bali from repurposed inner tire tubes. 

*they also currently have a 20% off spring sale which is a good time to get yourself some of these beautiful pieces

How It All Began

Cassandra, the founder,  traveled across South East Asia in the Summer of 2014, where she became inspired and fascinated by the art, culture, and lifestyle in Bali. Her favourite city was Ubud. She met an artisan, Dana creating accessories from repurposed inner tire tubes . Cassandra fell in love with this and spent the day working with the material herself. She then went on to partner with ArtCycle Bali, hence the birth of CMC!

What I’m Wearing – Leaf Earrings

Leaf Handmade Earrings - Chic Made Consciously

Here I am wearing the Leaf Earrings from Chic Made Consciously. Each earring has a small, medium and large leaf, which if you compare, are slightly different from one another. This is one of the things I love about ethical fashion- uniqueness!

The Leaf earrings are very soft and flexible. I like how they sit hanging off the ear, you can see each leaf draping down nicely without getting in the way of other leaves.

When I first picked out the earrings, I was unsure of what they’d be like in person. I mean, they are made from tires! But, after receiving the earrings, I can say that they exceeded my expectations. Because tires are so strong, these earrings are too. You can tell, just by holding them that they have been made to last. I love that by using inner tire tubes, CMC are keeping tires out of a landfill and creating a circular fashion economy. 

circular economy

The Artisans

Leaf Handmade Earrings - Chic Made Consciously

I think it is so important to know who is behind the things we wear, who made them, what their life is like etc. It is pretty epic to open a parcel from Chic Made Consciously and find a photo included of the maker behind their products, here you can see that Ayu made the Leaf Earrings. 

At CMC, there is no child labour involved, the artisans work in safe working conditions and they agree to pay the artisans the wages in which they set themselves. 

Be sure to check out Chic Made Consciously and their gorgeous products here! You can also keep up to date with them via Instagram & Facebook

* In Collaboration w/ Chic Made Consciously


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  1. Oh my gosh! These earring are so beautiful. I love the fact they’re made from recycled materials too, anywhere I can help the environment I will. Thanks for introducing me to these!

    1. Aren’t they just! I had never heard of a brand using inner tire tubes until I was introduced to CMC! Such pretty designs that are made to last x

  2. We definitely need more circular fashion businesses, don’t we! These earrings go to show that you aren’t compromising on quality with reclaimed materials xx

  3. So so beautiful! I have a few birthdays coming up and have purchased some of their pieces, even better that I got 20% off!!!

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