6 Green Pet Products to look into this Pet week!

I flicked my calendar over to May the other day and realised… Pet Week is here! 1 in 2 households have some kind of furry friend, and finding green pet products can be hard.

If you have a pet, it is your responsibility to look after him/her and keep them healthy, which also means not giving them products that contain harmful chemicals or products made from materials that could harm the earth as well as your pet. So today, I am back with a list of green pet products for you to try out in celebration of Pet week! Let me know what you think.



Many of you would have already taken the switched to natural makeup and skincare products, to protect the health of your family. Read my blog post here on why you should, if you haven’t already. Do the same for your pooch with Soap + Salve’s collection of organic pet care products which are certified organic, GMO free, cruelty free, (some are also vegan!) Pictured is their natural Dog Paw Salve containing nourishing oils which are infused with organic herbs to speed up the healing process and also dog safe essential oils, antifungal and soothing Bergamot, and antibacterial, anti-itch Lavender. Go grab yours here!


We all think of the things like food, toys etc but what about the grooming brushes?!  Honest Pet Products are all about being honest to our pets, planet and people. The double sided grooming brush has a 100% sustainable bamboo handle with soft natural boar bristles on one side and safety detangling/messaging pins on the other. It also comes with a BONUS 100% natural, Organic Cat Shampoo from Honest Pet Products to leave you cat squeaky clean and pampered! Grab yours here!


At the end of the day, what we all want is to keep our pets safe and comfortable. No matter what age they are, a non-toxic, organic bed of their own is a very smart thing to offer our furry family members. Dr Mercola offers a fantastic pet care range to keep your lil friends healthy! Watch this quick video on why you should choose organic pet bedding! Grab yours here!


EnsoPet is an inground composting system, (only the lid and opening is above the ground) for composting pet waste, easily and hygienically. It composts all pet waste such as Dog, Cat, Rabbit and Guinea Pig, and keeps your yard free of pet waste and prevents it from ending up in land fill, while returning carbon to the soil and rebuilding the soil on a microbial level. This is a great option for any pet owner
(it also takes up a very minimal amount of space in your yard or garden – I highly recommend that you try it out! Grab yours here!


I absolutely love earthdog’s extensive range of dog products! These awesome hemp dog collars feature 100% hemp webbing and quick-release hardware. They are available in 5 naturally dyed colours (as pictured). ‘Unlike nylon and other synthetics, hemp softens with wear making these collars extremely comfortable for your dog and, because they’re machine-washable, they’re hassle-free for you.’ – earth dog. Grab your here!


I really support Beco’s huge range of pet products because they are all beyond what you’d expect. This is their ball on a rope dog toy to provide your dog with fun for hours on end! And don’t be fooled, its not any old dog toy. It is a 100% natural one – the rope is 100% natural cotton even the ball is made from natural rubber and rice husk fibres!!! Being cotton, the rope is easy to grip, meaning you can get a bit of extra throwing distance in the park or your back lawn without putting your arm out which is definitely a plus! Grab yours here!

Choosing safe toys for your pet are also very important. A new study has revealed that 50% of toys from China contain toxins, and questions about the safety of pet toys continue to pop up. Tests done by the Michigan Ecology center in 2009 revealed that many pet toys contain alarming levels of lead and other harmful chemicals.

Over 400 pet products were tested, 45 percent had notable levels of one or more hazardous toxins, including arsenic, chlorine and bromine.

Tennis balls were a major product that took part in these tests, 48 percent contained detectable levels of lead. They found that tennis balls made especially for pets were more likely to contain lead than “sports” tennis balls as non of the sports tennis balls they tested contained lead. The lettering on one of the “pet” tennis balls, contained 2,696 ppm of lead and 262 ppm of arsenic, a known human carcinogen. How does this make you feel? How can we make products ‘safe’ for us, but not animals?! I definitely believe that chemicals in pet toys should be banned or at least have standards in place for this.

Pet tennis ballSport tennis ball

Also many pet food companies put fillers into the food to add bulk to it yet they have little or even no nutritional value. This can be corn and corncobs, cereal by-products, feathers, soy, cottonseed hulls, peanut hulls, citrus pulp, screening, weeds, and straw. These fillers are often added as pet food ingredients to help decrease the overall cost of the food for the company, so that they can make the most profit. If a dog’s poo turns white a general cause can be the fillers in the food.

Think about the products that you give to your dog or cat, think about the toys you give them- what are they made from? Are they safe? ASK QUESTIONS and say NO to brands who aren’t.


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