Harlequin Belle – The Ethical Australian Label Creating Timeless Leather Bags, Wallets, And Shoes

Ethical Wallet

Harlequin Belle is an Australian born label that exists to strip back the excess and give you what really matters: premium, ethical wallets, leather bags and shoes that are beautiful and functional.

They approach sustainable and ethical business practices from four different angles, which are all just as important as each other.


The main focus of this angle is the product production, longevity, usability, and disposal. Additionally, all of their leathers are from farmed, sustainable sources and are locally sourced to minimize carbon footprint. I’m not sure about you but buying ethical without compromising on style is something HB nails. Seriously, their pieces are like works of art. 


The Harlequin Belle offices are powered by 100% renewable resources and they only use recycled paper when paper is necessary, otherwise, they are paperless. As well as this, they are currently developing a program to offset all carbon emissions from shipping. I’m not sure about you, but it’s pretty exciting knowing that your future purchases from HB will arrive at your door with a carbon footprint of zero.

HB office

Supply Chain

HB’s products are made in China by a small family business which the founders, Kellie and Andrew have personally known for more than 10 years… 10 YEARS!!! They ensure that the incredibly talented workers behind their products are paid more than the current standard rate and that they receive vacation pay, which many jobs in China do not provide.

Corporate Responsibility

HB create consciously designed pieces that are timeless as well as putting practices in place to minimize wastage.

“We have shunned the ‘seasonal’ model that most fashion companies work under as this is just a manufactured system to encourage needless consumption to drive ever increasing profits and here at HB we feel that if you can’t run a profitable business ethically, then you shouldn’t run a business at all”

The Eclipse Wallet in Tan

Harlequinn Belle - Eclipse Wallet

Harlequin Belle’s ethos clearly came through at the forefront of their packaging. My Eclipse Wallet was packaged in a snug cardboard gift box with a sheet of tissue paper and a few cards about the brand. This was the epitome of a label using eco-friendly packaging in a way that looked fantastic and so pleasing to the eye. 

Ethical Wallet Ethical Leather Wallet

My favourite thing about the wallet is its space and functionality. It contains 3 wide pockets for cash or receipts, a zip up coin slot, an RFID shield (for all the security conscious people out there, you’ll know how great this is), and 15 card slots. yep, you heard me right. Oh, and I better not forget, it can hold a phone up to the size of the iPhone 6+. 

Ethical Wallet

Not only this, its unique style and very versatile colour can be paired with any outfit easily. HB’s products are meant to grow with you, leather is a natural product and features creases, scars, variations in colour etc. This is something that I love, your own piece of Harlequin Belle has its own characteristics that make it one of a kind. 

If you would like to purchase your own piece of Harlequin Belle, check them out here

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  1. Oh what a great brand to discover! These sorts of classic accessories are always worth the investment. It’s also great to read that Kellie and Andrew know their manufacturers personally, this makes such a difference when you design and make your own product. Being more involved as an entire team as opposed to having a fragmented supply chain is something to consistently strive for. Great products too 🙂

    1. I couldn’t agree more! These kinds of accessories last a lifetime and gain characteristics and markings as they age, which I love. And yes, being involved as an entire team will ALWAYS beat a fragmented supply chain, when a brand has good relationships with people throughout the supply chain, it shows their dedication to being transparent. Love love love Harlequin Belle

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