Kawakawa Uses & Benefits

I’m not sure whether you heard, but Natural Kawakawa Balm became a pretty big thing near the end of 2017. SO many natural beauty brands started making and selling it because of its incredible health benefits and healing properties. 

So, in case you didn’t already know these, I thought I’d share some of the uses for Kawakawa. 

Kawakawa Uses & Benefits

  • It can act as a mild insect repellent and take the sting out of bites. 
  • Can aid eczema, skin rashes, skin infections, sunburn, cuts, sores, abscesses, wounds, abrasions, aches, and pains, as well as arthritis. This is where Kawakawa balm can come in. 
  • It is also used as a tonic for chest complaints, coughs, colds, bronchitis, kidney and bladder complaints, digestive system, stomach ache, bloating and toothache. This is where Kawakawa tea comes in. 
  • Kawakawa balm has been used for lightening age spots and diminishing wrinkles.
  • It can help support healthy circulation

Let me know in the comments what you use Kawakawa for or if you have ever used it for the above benefits and uses.



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  1. I make for all the above and for oral use.
    I do not sell I give to the people. Just reminds me I have to drop some kawakawa oil off for little girls eczema. I enjoy the making of the balms etc.

    1. Hi Newa, that’s so cool! I have been using Kawakawa products a lot lately and even made my own balm – it turned out great! Love that you incorporate it into your daily life x

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