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A fifteen-year journey from toxic to natural started an evolution of conscious living for KHUS+KHUS founder, Kristi Blustein.

Sleek and modern is what you first think of when looking at KHUS+KHUS‘s packaging and miron glass bottles. But it is so much more. KHUS+KHUS‘s range of skin serums and hydrolats have been created using botanical treatments marrying natural ingredients for whole body wellness.

”You can benefit from the healing powers of our botanical friends without the toxic additions. Let’s face it our cells communicate with one another and the synergy between us + plants is undeniable, so let nature do the communicating and you will see the benefits. Nature contains a synergy of healing that cannot be produced by a lab” – KHUS+KHUS founder, Kristi Blustein

KHUS+KHUS Blossom Serum


KHUS+KHUS promises their range to be 99% organic, wild crafted and non-GMO, and never tested on animals while focusing upon the practice of self-care and healthful living.

Recently I was sent their BLOSSOM Face Serum along with a sample of their BLEU Body Serum to test, try and review. Let me tell you, this stuff is luxury. Not only does it smell amazing (it is a perfect balance between a musky and woody scent) but it also is a hydrating powerhouse, literally. A little goes a long way. It absorbs into your skin, no oily feeling which I was surprised about and it leaves you hydrated the whole day. Plus, can we talk about the stunning packaging? The KHUS+KHUS range is packaged in dark miron glass jars to keep the ingredients fresh. They can also be reused and recycled.


KHUS+KHUS display all of their ingredients in an easy to read manner on their labels as shown below.

BLOSSOM Face Serum Key Ingredients:

Moroccan neroliImproves elasticity and regenerates cutaneous cells. It is also known for reducing redness and irritation.
PetitgrainStabilizes the nervous system in creating a tonic action on the skin. Helpful in combating acne, skin blemishes, etc.
Red mandarinGreat for treating oily skin. It has amazing abilities of breaking down toxins.
Wild carrotTones and improves complexion, it is commonly described as one of the strongest revitalizing essential oils. Great for tired, lifeless skin impacted by stress.
Sea buckthorn Co2Highly anti-inflammatory and known for its skin­ regenerating abilities.
Rosehip Co2Research indicates the presence of Retin A, which assists in reducing signs of premature aging and fine wrinkles.
MarulaAids in fine line reduction and the appearance of crow’s feet (lines that appear around the eyes when laughing and/or smiling.)
ArganOne of the most useful oils for anti aging as it is packed with vitamin A + E, as well as being full of antioxidants, omega­ 6 fatty acids and linoleic acid.

I have absolutely loved using these serums! Not only do they make my skin feel silky smooth, they have reduced the dryness and redness on my face and around my nose. I love the emphasis on wild harvested and organic ingredients which means that (unlike many other beauty products on the market) we bypass any pesticides or chemicals that seem to ‘come with’ conventional farming and harvesting. Also, you may have seen Sea Buckthorn Co2 and Rosehip Co2 as part of the ingredients listed above. Co2 extraction is one of the cleanest extraction methods out there and generates a final product that is most like its original source. Oh, and this formula is also non-GMO certified and free from any synthetics, whoop whoop!

*Most of KHUS+KHUS’s products are vegan, although in some products organic beeswax is used, however, all can be made be vegan upon request. 

Maybe facial serums aren’t your jam? They have a load more products including hydrolats, body waxes and polishes to choose from too. These all have incredible healing benefits not only for healthy, vibrant skin, but for whole body wellness. Go check them out here

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