Recently I attended the world premiere of Living The Change: Inspiring Stories For A Sustainable Future documentary. I went with my head held high in the hopes that it would be different from the rest of the docos I have seen. Many of them have changed my mindset and put me on a path to conscious consumerism, however often are so problematic and not so focused on the solutions we are currently facing.

The verdict?

It completely hit the nail on the head, and, in my opinion, the trailer doesn’t do it justice. 

It was probably one of my favourite documentaries yet, and let me tell you, I’ve seen a fair few! Living The Change was created by Happen Films, a cinematography organisation dedicated to creating documentaries about sustainability, permaculture, tiny houses, and living in a way that’s good for people and the planet. The majority of their docos are shorter and free to watch, so I recommend checking those out here, there will definitely be something for you!

Living The Change is available to buy and rent for the equivalent price of a cup of coffee. Why not skip the coffee and further educate yourself on the environment and some things you could do to make a difference?

Click here to head to their website and grab your copy of the film!


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