Les Sublimes: A Sustainable Clothing Brand for Women With Big Hearts And Style

Based in Paris, Les Sublimes offers an innovative approach to lux sustainable fashion that is responsibly made, affordable and does not compromise quality.

Their products are manufactured using eco-friendly materials according to strict sustainable production guidelines. All Les Sublimes products contain a maximum of 10% of synthetic fibers (to allow for movement, durability and comfort) because they believe in making clothing from natural and botanical fibers that have a low environmental impact.

Les Sublimes was founded by Kachen Hong and Alexis Assoignon. Read more about the story of how Les Sublimes was born and the just as inspiring women behind it.

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What are your main aims of Les Sublimes?

At Les Sublimes, we aim to provide the possibility for every woman to buy a piece of clothing that embodies all of her values – style, quality and especially a great care for people and the planet. We want to be a fashion company that respects its environment and supports great craftsmanship. With our passion and love we thrive to change the way fast fashion is driving pollution and stand up for empowering women worldwide.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

An advice we both always keep in mind is that we will never compromise on our goals and values that we stand for and that our passion should drive all our actions. We always need to be a hundred percent convinced to make the right choices at Les Sublimes. We learned that persistence and motivation will make it possible to pursue your dreams. And of course, to always keep great amount of humour and fun at the office.

What made you start Les Sublimes?

The idea and motivation to start Les Sublimes came up the first time in 2014 during our common trip to Nepal. Being astonished and greatly inspired by the diversity of culture, the incredible nature and the kindness of the people, we wanted to start a company that would contribute to preserving our precious surroundings. We were set on the thought to stand up for change and support a worldly cause. By uniting our passion for fashion and sustainability we created beautiful essentials for a woman´s wardrobe.

Where do you see Les Sublimes in the future?

We want to establish Les Sublimes as a strong brand that is known for its ethical and sustainable mission. We want to be the choice of cool girls who care. In 4-5 years we absolutely want to have added expand into collections that each have a meaningful impact on sustainable change, including children’s, men’s and home goods. Our first collection was produced in France at a small atelier, supporting local artisans in France. But we also want to consider producing in other countries – always making sure to actively support craftsmanship, human rights and innovative sustainable sourcing.

Who or what inspires you most?

We are always greatly inspired by people who pursue their passion and dreams – by the ones who are honest, respectful and caring and by the ones who fight for a bigger cause and a better future. We believe that everyone can be an inspiration for others. And we want to be an inspiration for them. In the ethical apparel world, Patagonia’s Yvon Chouinard is our king. I recommend reading his books. They are incredibly inspiriting!!

What is behind the name ´Les Sublimes´?

Being sublimes is about feeling beautiful on the inside and out. It refers to the underlying philosophy of our brand that encourages a life of quality over quantity, integrity, kindness and a global community. The sublime girl wants to make an impact on the world and encourages everyone to chase their wildest dreams. She is strong, dedicated and has a big heart. And of course she want to express her inner values on the outside through her personal style.

Something I truly admire about Les Sublimes is that they are conscious about their carbon footprint. As a beechwood tree fiber in Austria, to fabric in their workshop in Renaison, to their shipping headquarters in Paris, a product by Les Sublimes travels just 1200km from start to finish, compared to a cotton t-shirt, which travels in average 35,000 km across several continents from raw fiber to warehouse.

Also, their orders are shipped using Colissimo, a carbon-neutral delivery/shipping service that offsets all of its emissions. Additionally, when possible, deliveries in and around Paris are made by bike-courier to avoid carbon emissions altogether. This is something more brands and companies should be getting involved in!

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