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milo+nicki are the new kid on the block when it comes to ethical fashion. They are a prime example of love at first sight (when it comes to clothing.) milo+nicki create gorgeous pieces, which are biodegradable, cruelty free and are hand dyed using only natural, plant based dyes.

With only a couple days left on the milo+nicki kickstarter, I thought it was so important to let you know about this incredible brand! So today I am back interviewing the lovely founder herself; Nicki Patel.

What are your main aims of milo+nicki?

As women, we feel a pressure to play multiple roles may be it be a daughter, mother, sister, employee, spouse, colleague, etc. We’re taught to be competitive rather than supportive, and we’re held to higher standards. With this, we lose ourselves, our colorful gorgeous individuality, but we don’t need to. We are strong, beautiful, independent, confident, courageous, loving, caring, and phenomenal. We can do it all. Let’s share it, let’s flaunt it! Why not?!

Just like the untold stories we carry, what we wear is something more than a piece of cloth.

It has history, meaning, roots, sweat, and tears. The sacrifices in each piece of cloth is an untold story, but with milo+nicki, I hope to bring these hidden truths to the surface and build an awareness that drives the ethical and sustainable fashion movement.

With milo+nicki, I want to empower the ever-evolving women, wherever they are in the world, to push the limits within themselves and within society to conquer her fears, take a leap of faith, never give up on herself and live a life of color. Because no dream is too big, no passion is too small, and no routine is unbreakable.

What inspires your collections the most?

The collections are inspired by my Indian and Zambian roots with a bohemian, relaxed vibe. The collections emphasis on being multifunctional and for all women. I love the feeling of wearing something vibrant that makes you feel good and makes you feel comfortable, as well as that carries a story. Every piece in our collection is created with transparency so you can know exactly by whom and how the piece was made. When we do good, we feel good. I hope to embody that through each collection.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

This is a tough one because I have received so much great advice in just a little over a year when I began this venture, but my best piece of advice I received was from my mom.

“Caring unconditionally about others doesn’t make you weak. Not being able to admit and share that care is what makes you weak. Care and love without limits.” ~ my mom

What made you start milo+nicki?

My name is Nicki and my partner in crime is the handsome, crazy energetic stud Milo (my pup). We are an energetic, indomitable duo that love hard and care deeply about people and the planet. Our lives have been full of highs and lows (especially in health), evolving bodies, and many life struggles, but we have never skipped a beat on lifting each other up.

But first, let’s rewind.

Milo (my pup) and I both hit rock bottom in 2014. The combination of our health problems, Milo having a major injury, and a very stressful burglary that spiralled us both downward, we begin to slowly feel the floor crumble beneath us. And no doctor or specialist had a remedy.

I lived in fear of not knowing what the next day, hour, or minute held for us.

In our pursuit to grow stronger and healthier, we turned to our roots. Family and love became our medicine. It is here I began to understand the delicate relationship between our bodies, the environment, and our health. Plus, I began to realize the impacts of societal pressures and life changes females face on a day-to-day as I struggled to commute from New Braunfels to Austin, work full-time, maintain my health, and keep loyal to a company that didn’t value my hard work. The company gave me an ultimatum that wasn’t an option or choice. But, I choose to make my health priority and left the position. This became my focus for change.

By combining our health rollercoaster with my love for fashion, my mission to empower women, and my drive to bring awareness to a deep-rooted destructive consumer industry, I came to create milo+nicki.

It’s been a wild ride! But, the love that we share to those closest to us, and the passion for the longevity of our health and our world, remain at the forefront of our lives. We will always be about the journey, and never the destination.

As we conquer our fears, take a leap of faith, never give up on ourselves, and live a life full of color, I hope to empower others to do the same.

Where do you see milo+nicki in the future? Let’s say 4-5 years.

The opportunities are limitless and I am so excited to go on this journey and see where it takes us. 4-5 years from now I am definitely leaving as a mystery, but a year from today, I would love to be inspiring and empowering women globally through our story and journey. I want our pieces to be more than just another garment in your wardrobe. I want it to be a part of your story and hold stories that can be shared with generations to come. The collections I create, I hope continue to empower and inspire women to live a life full of color while driving the ethical and sustainable fashion movement. When we do good, we feel good. Let’s continue to live with purpose and inspire change.

Our goal right now is really important because it is bringing life to milo+nicki. Our Kickstarter campaign is helping us fund our first run of production to launch milo+nicki. We will also use our funds to continue growing our business and develop our next collection. So if you believe in our mission, please share, support and spread the word.


Who inspires you most?

My parents. They are both amazing people who love hard and care deeply about anyone or anything that comes into their life. No matter what trouble these people or places cause them, they are always pushing forward and striving to look at the brighter side. They are hardworking, understanding, caring, loving, and beautiful people that I don’t know how I got so blessed to have in my life. Their courage and strength to overcome the most awful circumstances in their lives when no one stood by them, with little education, and while raising three independent, strong, and educated daughters, continues to be a driving force for me to make a difference and make them proud.



milo+nicki only have a couple days left on their kickstarter! Help Nicki on her journey bring this fantastic business to life by supporting her on her kickstarter and purchasing pieces from their line. #weareunstoppable





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