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There’s no question that an organic food approach makes sense. Isn’t skincare the same? On a daily bases your skin comes in contact with clothes, moisturizers, makeup, cleansers, deodorant, fragrances or perfume and the list goes on. So, I will talk about why should transition to only natural makeup/skincare brands, and the importance of it.

A Number 1 Tip for: Emmily Banks

I could not think of a better person to start my ‘number 1 tip for’ series than Emmily Banks from Depths of Beauty! ?Beauty products that have no impact on the environment can be hard to find so the question I asked Emmily was: “What is your number 1 tip for finding eco beauty products and could you name a few?”?

Her reply was “Find a trusted resource (ie: Depths of Beauty) who can direct you to the best stores that stock ONLY natural, organic and eco friendly products such as Beautiful Because, Nourished Life and Be Naturally You.?

The importance of using only natural makeup/skincare brands:

A person uses 10 different makeup/skincare products on their body every day. Consequently we absorb the nearly 130 chemicals we regularly expose ourselves too. No-one knows how certain chemicals have an impact on us over time, or how they react inside of our bodies. Because your skin is the largest organ in your body, it absorbs lots of nutrients, but also takes many toxins every day. If you’re using non natural makeup/skincare products, there’s no surprise that all those toxins are getting inside your body. For example, many skin care products contain parabens. Parabens interfere with the functioning of the endocrine system. They are stored inside of the body tissue and ultimately interfere with glandular activity and hormone production. Not all ingredients need to be mentioned on a product’s packaging.

Beautycounter created a ‘never list‘. This is so you can find out a bit more in-depth meanings of the chemicals in today’s beauty products. This list gives me hope as a consumer.

The Never List for a natural makeup/skincare routine
Here is a shortened, pocket version of The Never List created by Beautycounter.


Top benefits of using natural makeup/skincare products:

1- Earth friendly

2- Avoid Irritation

3- Save your nose from artificial fragrances

4- No strange side effects

5- Gentler over time

6- NO harmful chemicals, irritants, or preservatives.

7- Non-allergenic

8- Never tested on animals

Shifting from your toxin filled makeup/skin care routine to a natural makeup/skincare routine will help your skin and body stay clear of these toxins. As you can see above, there are many other benefits of using natural makeup/skincare products. Studies actually suggest that using natural ingredients for skin care can aid in treating inflammation and photoaging (skin damage caused by the sun’s rays over our lifetimes).

Thank you for reading. I hope that you as a consumer understand the importance of using only natural makeup/skincare products and continue to do further research on this.

Ethically Engaged x

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  1. Great Info! It is easy to tell that you are quite knowledgeable in this field. The problem for me though, is that companies often sell their products labelled ‘organic’ when they actually aren’t . What do you think of this?

    1. Thank you for that, I think being informed is one of the best things people can do to change our society/ industry. Yes, often we percieve the whole product is organic when really companies can add one organic ingredient to the mix. This is where being informed and verifying comes in. 🙂

  2. Interesting blog post, I agree that there are far too many chemicals in our makeup, skincare and general surroundings these days. I think it is important to minimise our use of them and therefore the effects on our bodies overtime.

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