Prevent Food Waste With The New Sunbeam FoodSaver Fresh

Sunbeam Food Saver Fresh Review

Roughly one-third of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year gets wasted. That’s approximately 1.3 billion tonnes of apples, bread, berries, nuts, you name it, which just gets tossed in the trash. While there is nothing appealing about bendy celery, soft lettuce, and furry cheese, this is still a significant figure and a lot of resources, nutrition and not to mention shopping dollars going to waste in a landfill. 

Love food, hate waste?

The new FoodSaver Fresh from Sunbeam offers a solution for keeping food fresh for up o twice as long as traditional storage. You are probably asking ‘what makes the FoodSaver Fresh different from conventional food storage ideas?’. The Sunbeam FoodSaver Fresh vacuum seals FoodSaver containers and reusable ziplock bags so that they are airtight, therefore keeping them fresher for longer. 

Sunbeam FoodSaver Fresh comes with a 3 cup container and five reusable zipper bags. Although these are both made of plastic, they are reusable forever and ever. 

Additionally, you can buy bigger bags and containers separately to suit your needs. 

The FoodSaver Fresh is super simple to use, especially for the ‘non-instruction-reading’ type person I am. (Is anyone else like this?!)

  1. Simply put your food in a reusable zipper bag or container
  2. Place bag or container on FoodSaver base.
  3. Press the release buttons at the vacuum head to adjust height.
  4. Connect vacuum head with the valve on bag or container. 
  5. A green light with illuminate when the vacuum head has made secure contact with bag or container. 
  6. Push start
  7. Watch in awe as the air gets sucked out of the bag or container. 
  8. Once done, place sealed food in fridge or pantry until needed. 

I have also found this machine to be incredibly helpful for meal prepping. Ie broccoli florets, avocado, lettuce etc. 

Overall I have truly enjoyed using the Sunbeam FoodSaver Fresh for the past few weeks. Not only has my food stayed fresh, it has helped me reduce the waste in my household.

I highly recommend checking this machine out. With its compact size and sleek design, it makes a great addition to any kitchen space. 

Purchase your own Sunbeam FoodSaver Fresh at your local appliance store or online at Sunbeam


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