I absolutely love discovering new and emerging ethical brands, so you can imagine how excited I was to learn about Haida!

Each Haida piece is one of a kind and is 100% handmade by Sumbanese and Balinese artisans. Their pieces are designed to last and they understand that quality will always be better than quantity. 

Haida Makers

Haida is working to preserve the culture weaving traditions of these artisans through gorgeous bomber jackets, purses, and backpacks. They use traditional Songket and iket weaving patterns to do so. iket weaving patterns represent the village in which the cloth was created and Songket patterns take a lot of time and thought – the entire process has to be planned in advance. Both of these patterns have been passed down through generations and are made with love.

Artisans Involved

Haida was founded on the idea of putting people first; the word Haida means people in a native Alaskan community, Haida Gwaii. They pay their artisans a fair wage and through the sales of their products, give them an opportunity to share there skills and talents. You can head over to the artisan page on their website to learn a bit more about the people making their pieces. 

‘We aim to contribute to a new kind of consumerism where we value each other, our environment, and the cultural knowledge that makes every single piece we create unique’ – Candice & Lou, founders of Haida

Materials Used

Haida prides themselves in authentic pieces and therefore use high-quality materials such as leather and cotton. Designing products to last a lifetime and considering the environment and the people behind their products is at the core of their values. This comes into play when choosing all of their fabrics and materials. They plant dye of their pieces traditionally which I really admire. 

Review of the Charlie from the Versatiles Collection

The Charlie first arrived in a handpainted linen bag with Haida’s label on it. I hadn’t yet opened it and I was already amazed. The way they package their pieces is very elegant, and I loved the lengths they go to to make it look beautiful while still aligning with their values. 

Haida Charlie Bag From The Versatiles Collection - Sides folded onto front

The weavings of the Charlie are incredibly intricate. It’s amazing to think that someone created it with their bare hands, no machine involved. As I said above, Haida focus on creating products to last. This is easy to see with the Charlie, the quality of it is phenomenal. And while I have been using it consistently day in and day out for the past wee while it still looks like it did when it arrived in that beautiful linen bag. 

My favourite thing about the Versatiles Collection is that they are, as the name suggests, versatile. Think 1 product; 3 different bag styles. A tote, a backpack with the sides tucked in, or a backpack with the sides buttoned to the front! For this reason, the Charlie would be a perfect capsule wardrobe item! 

Haida Charlie Bag From The Versatiles Collection - Sides folded inward
Haida Charlie Tote Bag From The Versatiles Collection

Haida Charlie Bag From The Versatiles Collection

Another thing I love is how roomy it is. Inside, there is a large zipped pocket and two medium-sized open pockets, as well as a very large main compartment. On the outside of the bag, there is a large zipped pocket. It is so great knowing that I can fit everything I need into the one bag easily, I dislike having to carry multiple bags with me. This piece has become a key piece in my wardrobe and I know I’ll be using it for years to come!

Inside the Charlie Bag From Haida - The Versatiles Collection

If you would like to purchase a piece of Haida for yourself, head over to their site here. You can use the code ‘ethicallyengaged’ for 10% off!

Or check them out via Instagram and Facebook. 

*In collaboration with Haida


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