The Ultimate Eco Conscious Christmas Gift Guide For Her

Christmas is right around the corner. It’s a magical time of year when everyone comes together with their friends and family.

It’s that time of year when people feel the need to mindlessly buy a whole heap of stuff. Trees and decorations are in store (actually they’ve been in stores since late August) and many of you, including myself, are left wondering what to give people for Christmas. It’s about choosing products with meaning. So, I have compiled some of the best products I have come across in the last year, which would be perfect gifts for special women in your life. I hope you find the guide helpful and keep it in mind when deciding on Christmas presents for your loved ones. 

*Please note that all prices have been converted to AUD


  1. ‘Rock Salt’ Medium Sized Keep Cup | RRP: $32 
  2. Good & Clean Soap Trio | RRP: $26.85
  3. Fazl Socks Pahari Socks | RRP: $24.80
  4. Caliwoods Reusable Drinking Straws | RRP: $17.18
  5. ‘Overdressed’ By Elizabeth L. Cline | RRP: $21.16

$50 TO $100

  1. Sand & Sky Brilliant Skin Purifying Pink Clay Mask | RRP: $69.90
  2. Penh Lenh Jade Necklace Pink | RRP: $68.76
  3. We-Ar Yoga Mat | RRP: $84.79
  4. Karst Stone Paper 2018 Planner | RRP: $39.60
  5. Know The Origin Kady Top | RRP: $53.06 

$100 TO $200

  1. Etiko Organic Fairtrade Lowcut Sneakers | RRP: $95
  2. Good & Clean Summer Lover Gift Pack | RRP: $189.90
  3. Harlequin Belle Eclipse Wallet Tan | RRP: $199
  4. Duffle & Co Amsler Duffle | RRP: $108.16
  5. Berg + Betts Round Rose Gold And Dark Taupe Watch | RRP: $133.30 

 $200 PLUS 

  1. Pampa Porteño Throw #2 | RRP: $320 
  2. Matter Prints The Sideswept Dhoti + Bottom Line Grey (Silk) | RRP: $276.35
  3. Lois Hazel Black Muster Dress | RRP: $290 

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