If we all lived sustainably, could we change the world? I believe we could. Here I answer the following question: Why live sustainably?

What is sustainable living?

We all know that the world has many problems: climate change, global warming, depletion of ozone layer, obesity, lack of food and water and general health in poor counteries and factory farming are real and their impact on human and/or animal lives can be devastating.

Why live sustainably? Everytime you spend your money, your casting a vote or the kind of world you want.

Why live sustainably?

Every time we choose to purchase something we are also choosing to aid that company or person to continue doing what they are doing. If you want an Eco and sustainable t-shirt you can find someone who makes them individually by hand, whom look after their sheep in a humane manner and use dyes that have no harm on the environment WHATSOEVER. This may mean that you pay $100 for a t-shirt.

You can also pay $100 or less for a t-shirt, but it is made by a company that doesn’t follow along with adequate labour regulations. Whom pays its workers less than a living wage, doesn’t care where the materials are sourced or their impacts and the only consideration is that they make the most profit from the t-shirt. When we make a choice to buy the first t shirt we are saying to the second example that is not the world I want and that humanity and our planet are more important than my t-shirt.

We often have to make certain compromises to accomplish this, maybe only having one t-shirt because we decide that having environmental integrity is more important, for some people it maybe taking meat or all animal byproducts out of their diets (vegetarian or vegan) or ensuring that the meat and food we buy is made with as little impact on the earth ? and animals as feasible. This could be eating free range eggs ? instead of caged eggs, or free range chicken.

Something to think about?

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can go back and make a new ending.” -Maria Robinson This relates so much to ethical and sustainable living and how sometimes people are not educated on the environment and how much of an impact the manufacturing process of products has on both the planet ? and the people making them.