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Metal Straws, Bees Wax Wraps, Produce Bags and Reusable Coffee cups are just some of the many products that can help you on your journey to a zero waste lifestyle. But what if you could shop for these all in one place? Well, now you can with Sustomi.

Sustomi is an online store selling zero waste products based in Australia. Despite specialising in Beeswax food wraps, they sell a range of other products too. Their wraps are handmade locally in Tasmania, I can only imagine how good the studio smells! Recently I was sent a Beeswax food wrap from Sustomi which I will review and answer some common questions about them.

Sustomi Beeswax wraps

What Are Beeswax Wraps For?

Essentially, Beeswax Wraps eliminate the need for single-use plastic wrap. Not only is plastic food wrap bad for the environment, it can leach harmful chemicals into food, even more so if it is hot.

Sustomi's range of beeswax wraps

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How Do You Use Them?

Beeswax wraps are super easy to use. Simply, warm the beeswax wrap with your hands to shape it around your food. The warmth allows the beeswax to soften slightly and hold it’s shaped. 

Review of the Large Sandwich Beeswax Wrap

Sustomi Wrap

Okay, so the first thing I noticed when using this wrap is how perfect the stiffness is. I have tried other brands before and made my own and both of these did not measure up to Sustomi’s. Slight stiffness is a really important thing when it comes to beeswax wraps because you want it to properly wrap around your food and not come undone, Sustomi have nailed this!

I have been using my wrap for Sandwiches, covering leftovers such as salad bowls, and avocados. At first, I was unsure whether the salad, in particular, would stay fresh or just wither up. To my surprise, the greens stayed perfectly fresh, as did the avocados and sandwiches. Yay!

Sustomi large sandwich wrap

Cleaning the wrap was remarkably easy too. A wipe with a damp cloth did the trick and it was ready to use again!

I am so pleased with the quality of this wrap and know that I will consistently be using it for months and months to come.

Why not skip the cling wrap and purchase a reusable wrap?

You can purchase them in single packs, multi packs or DIY packs. Or you can check out the rest of Sustomi’s range of zero waste products here.



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  1. Oh my gosh! I love this

    I truly think it we all took small steps to minimize our waste the world would be in such a better place.
    and it’s not even THAT hard. I still see sooo many stores offering plastic bags!
    I wish we would end that tomorrow

    I’m going to b uy myself some bees wax papers today!!!

    loved this read, thanks for sharing xxx

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